In the Dark Alley

Touch of darkness babe

So I brought a visit to the Dark Style fair and TMD what’s making me show these few items I got together for you people to look at! The it , love the blood spatters and the details on it , really great buy for Urban style or just a badass look.

The gloves are for TMP hands what is awesome so ‘thank you Tabou!’ for this lovely item that you made for the TMP lovers and yes the necklace there is also one from Tabou so both of these great items can be found at the Dark Style fair.


Credits : 

Mask : Bamse – Madness Mask Duster @ TMD

Gloves : Tabou – Grunge Gloves (black) @ Dark Style fair

Necklace : Tabou – Leather and spiked chain Necklace  (black) @ Dark Style fair

Hoodie : Body Factory – Shadow Jacket (black) @ Dark Style fair


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Dark rainy days


Samurai ‘s new mesh head Dong! Got to love the new looks , new faces!! Showing once more a gift from we <3 rp what would be the Quinn Hair , it’s really worth to visit that place but if you plan to go then do so now , the event will close soon!


Head : Samurai – Dong Mesh Head default Tone

Eyes : Ikon – Odyssey Eyes Ice

Chain Necklace: DRD – chain necklace (group gift)

Eye goggle : Neon Origami – Bug Eyes Goggles @ we <3 rp

Jacket : Scars – Crust Leather Jacket (black) @ TMD

Hair : C – Quinn @ we <3 rp event (Gift!)


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A Light-Worker


Fantasy , fantasy and more fantasy!!! Events for fantasy lovers are spoiling us this month! Fantasy Gacha Carnaval is open and Swagga is offering us there this wonderful outfit for men.

Then we have we <3 rp that is celebrating there anniversary what means that almost every store is leaving a gift for all to take. The necklace and eyes on this picture are only little of the gifts so there is definitely more to catch. You love to have new looks and surprises that are pretty and free? I advise you to rush yourself over to we <3 rp and grab yourself a bunch of gifts!



Kilt : Swagga – Short Kilt Black @ Fantasy Gacha Carnaval

Harness : Swagga -Spiked Armor (Rare) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnaval


Necklace : >glYgh< – Poisonous Necklace amethyst Special edition GIFT @ we <3 rp

Hair : C – Thorn Black and whites @ we <3 rp

Eyes : LB -witch hunter Mantis GIFT @ we <3 rp




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When an Outbreak happens

When an Outbreak happens


This blog is specially made for Fauxglove Silverweb , the wonderful weapon the model is holding is made by him and yes , I proudly hold it in my hand! Fauxglove Silverweb has a portfolio at and an SL group Faux, Ink. or simply contact him inworld at Fauxglove Silverweb for information about his weapons if you wish to order one.

If you do so then it would be lovely to mention that you’ve seen his work on my blog :)

Credits :

Weapon : (creator) Fauxglove Silverweb – Kar98k

Body : TMP – The Mesh Body (Deluxe)

Head : TMP – Anime Head (Deluxe)

Bracers : Swagga – ApocMoto Bracers

Tank : SYS – Comox Tank Shirt Brown @ MOM

Necklace : RE – Savage @ MOM


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Grab yourself a Muse in the Forest


Roquai came up with a bunch of beautiful poses , to me looking fantasy , a touch of spring and a little spark of magic in it. The petals are included and a pair of wings will join in as well (not shown on the picture but fun to know right?). From the amount of poses Roquai made did i really want to show the couple pose for men and somehow I see a story in it. An artist taking a hold of his muse , not willing to let go of it and confident to find his inspiration again.

These poses were a part of the Fantasy Faire , sadly this event is over but the poses might pop up in the store!

Quick Info:
> 11 poses (5 boys, 6 girls) | copy
> 2 single pose HUDs (boys/girls) | copy – Girl Set On Pic!
> Couples, ready setup balls | copy/mod
> 2 shapes (boy/girl) | full perm
– Designed to work as standalone & as a matching couple.

Outfit & Pose Sets:
– FATPACKS w./w.out the outfit/poses (all colors, all poses)
– Single sets for Boy & Girl, w./w.out outfit/poses

Credits :

Pose : Roquai -Pamakhala BOYS for *N* Sakura Petal Dress @ Fantasy Fair 2016 (ended 1 may)

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Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Cyber looks here we are again! A&Y Bunker Cybershop is showing here their last new Unisex hair and I must say that I love the details on it , how nice the hair is tied together on top of the head and making it look so smooth. With the help of a hud to control color of the tubes , leds and hair can you truly make this in your own personal looks. Oh..yes people that airbase is joining in the package! TMP appliers indeed!

Swagga is also joining ROMP again , that great event with those little toys and cheeky looks we all like? Swagga has a few colors of the pants sold , a belt is dangling lose on the waist and giving it just that little naughty look. I did not add the other item on this picture but I can tell that Swagga has also an RLV blindfold sold at ROMP. :) ( open from 15 april)



Hair : A&Y Bunker Cybershop – A&Y Dext Cyber Hair (male)

Scythe : A&Y Bunker Cybershop – Shark Cyber Scythe

Mask :A&Y Bunker Cybershop – Cyber Gas Mask Inferno

Pants :  Swagga – Sporty Pants @ ROMP

Mech Arms : Swagga – Mech Arms

Hooves : CX – Satyr’s Hooves (black)

Tail : CX – Bone Tail Black



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